Ayurveda ~ Science of Life

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system from India. It is the grandfather of Yoga and has many branches of study. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term which means "Science of life" and its fundamentals can be found in Vedas which are the most ancient sacred writings in human history from over 5000 years ago written and mostly orally taught by wise Rishis, or sages and saints that were great bright rays of life, as the name "Rishi" means. It was the first science to heal and using its wisdom one can keep their own great bright ray of light clear and shining brighter. Ayurvedic massage and Yoga are two of the greatest fruits from the great tree of the science of life that is Ayurveda.
The purpose of Ayurveda is to help people have a healthier life with a balanced diet, body massages, yoga therapy and natural food for healing based on plants, spices, herbs and oils. Ayurveda is the knowledge of one self and how to find equilibrium of the five elements which can be found in each human body: Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Ether/Sky.

From this tradition, we have 3 biological humors called doshas (5 elements mind-body make-up) :

- Vatta (wind)
- Pitta (fire)
- Kapha (earth and water)

To maintain this system, your body needs the vital energy called Prana, or flowing Chi energy in order to help balance all 5 elements so not one overpowers the other, which can create discomfort. Yoga helps one improve energy flow, while Ayurveda is the foundational wisdom of the 5 elements and beyond, and your consciousness on how they exist within you and within everything in the universe.