Reiki Training Courses Levels I, II, III and Master

REIKI Training Levels I,II, III & Master training course
$500, 500, 750, 2000
2 days, 2 days, 5, or 11days for L3 &M
Reiki is a Japanese system for Self-Healing and helping to heal others. There are different levels of training that help you gain knowledge of the special principles and Chi energy in the palms of our hands which is accessible to all. In Level 1 you begin to learn a deeper understanding of the chakras, or major energy centers of our bodies and the emotional, mental and physical properties related to each energy center. You also learn self-healing techniques that help you channel your Chi. In Level II, you begin to learn how to help others channel their Chi. In Level III you learn a greater depth of how Chi flows, how to read Chi, maintain it more and channel it for helping others in an intensive focused study with the Reiki Master teacher. At this level, you will have what would be the brown belt of Karate equivalent where one channel energy for positivity such as those in Karate can channel their energy to the point of breaking a wooden board. The Level III Reiki practitioner will have the same Chi flow needed for giving peace to others as this. The Reiki Master is the deepest level of study and practice, in which you may also then train others in to these deeper studies.