Champi Indian Head Massage

Champi Indian Head Massage $1.50/minute

This is an ancient Indian/Ayurvedic head massage that acts as an instant stress reliever and a perfect introduction to Ayurvedic treatment. Champi uses healing warm or cooling herbal oil to massage the head, face and shoulders depending on need. This helps relieve stress in the throat, forehead and crown chakras. It also stimulates numerous marma or pressure points, relaxing the mind and calming the nervous system. It can provide fast relief, if short on time. It is ideal for balancing the body, stimulating nerves from the head, body to the feet. Great for one feeling fatigued.
The warming or cooling oil used in the Champi Indian Head Massage also helps rejuvenate the scalp, and can be good for itching, greying, reducing hair fall out, and improving hair strength. It can also be beneficial in conditions of burning sensation of head and eyes. The special Ayurvedic warming or cooling oil used will saturate most of the scalp and hair and when washed out later by recipient leaves the hair soft and strong.
***Champi India Head Massage treatment is often suggested with another treatment or works just as well by itself.