Ayurvedic Massage Offerings

Ayurvedic Consultation $40 30min first session
In this 30 Minute first session you will learn your dosha, 5 elements history and current dosha. You will discuss an introduction to personal yogic routine. Additional Ayurvedic massage sessions based on individual need can be added to this initial session.

Ayurvedic Massage: Abhyanga/Gharshana or Vishesh 60 minute session: $90
90 min session $135
An ancient Indian system of healing through special massage techniques with a heated blend of oils (infused with nourishing herbs and flowers) is used for these 2 different types of Ayurvedic massage.
In the Abhyanga/Gharshana Massage session silk Ayurvedic gloves are used to gently exfoliate the skin. This dry rub technique removes dead skin cells and prepares the body for the oil massage. Oils are chosen according to Dosha or mind-body structure are used on the whole body. Marma points, or vital energy centers found in specific areas all over the body are stimulated which releases toxins and improves energy flow. Abhyanga massage encourages lymph flow, boosts the immune system, and also calms and strengthens the nervous system. Some Abyhangha techniques can be used as part of self-healing massage training.
In the Vishesh Massage session oils are chosen according to Dosha or mind-body structure are used on the whole body with special massage techniques used to stimulate deeper muscles and tissues. Vishesh massage breaks down adhesions and betters circulation deep inside the muscles. Squeezing, tapping, and pressing are used in addition to more massage strokes that are soft in nature. Flow and style of Vishesh massage is also connected to one’s Dosha (body) type and stimulates “Marma” points. Vishesh massage is especially helpful for aching muscles, soothing sore muscles and tiredness.
These 2 types of Ayurvedic massage can help dissolve toxins, or ama, from the tissues, motivate the lymphatic flow, digestive, and blood flow, and awaken one’s body to energy sources and deeper levels of consciousness.
***Special packages available for 2, 4, 8 or more sessions