Yogi Nitin Kumar Gill

Yogi Nitin Gill


 Ayurveda, in the traditional way, as passed down for untold generations, from elder to younger family members, who, like Yogi Nitin, learned these healing practices and methods passed along in a stream of cultural traditions and ancestral wisdom deriving from the Himalayan region of India, Nepal, and Tibet.

 The Aham Brahmasami Yog Mandir Trust, Rishikesh, India. 2006

 Massage Therapy Program, Florida State College, Jacksonville, FL: 750 Hrs., 2011

 Certified Personal Trainer: Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, 2011

 Ambassador of Peace, Universal Peace Federation, Jacksonville, FL, 2008.

A Brief Biography of Yogi Nitin:

For over 13 years Yogi Nitin Gill has been teaching Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Ayurvedic Healing in the spiritual city of McLeod Ganj, India, nestled in the Himalayan foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range and home of the Dalai Lama in exile. Yogi Nitin has served hundreds of travelers from all over the world who have come to visit this unique spiritual city and to learn these ancient healing practices. While living in McLeod Ganj, Yogi Nitin also performed volunteer work for Tibetan Refugees and other McLeod Ganj community members seeking his help.

During his childhood, Nitin’s thirst for knowledge led him to his guru, Shri Shri 108 Baba Dhuni Nath – respectfully called Baba-ji – who remained in the Himalayas in a state of super-consciousness (samadhi) for 35 years. Yogi Nitin’s natural passion for yoga and healing grew throughout the years as he participated in numerous annual retreats, guided by his guru, Baba-ji, at his Himalayan ashram.

From a very young age Yogi Nitin, and his brother Shivam (who teaches yoga and meditation in both India and Paris, France) had the very unique opportunity of being in close proximity to their spiritual teacher, Baba-ji, and also among Himalayan yogis, who taught the brothers the disciplines of yoga and meditation. Yogis Nitin and Shivam have both dedicated their lives to spreading the ancient wisdom of the East - the knowledge of yoga, meditation, and natural healing – to seekers living in the West. Yogi Nitin frequently returns to India where he continues to be a dedicated volunteer in his local community, McLeod Ganj, working with organizations such as Asia Health Resort and the Tibetan Delek Hospital.

Yogi Nitin’s devotion to the continuous study and practice of yoga healing led him to Bihar and many other cities in India, and, in particular, Rishikesh, the father city of Yoga, where he studied at the Aham Brahmasmi, Yog Mandir Trust: Trust for Health Care, Education, Research and Development Institute in 2006. Yogi Nitin later in 2011 studied at the Health, Wellness and Fitness Professionals, Inc., and at Florida State College, where he earned a degree as a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Massage Therapist. In 2008, while in the United States, Yogi Nitin received an award as Ambassador for Peace, from the Universal Peace Federation in Jacksonville, Florida.

Yogi Nitin has been touring the United States for more than nine years, working with various wellness centers in Florida, North Carolina, Michigan and Vermont. He has taught yoga in places such as the Lake Eden Arts Festival, Black Mountain, NC, and the Song of the Morning Ranch Yoga Festival in Vanderbilt, Michigan. Over the past 10 years he has continued to return to India to be involved in various trainings and retreats. In the United States, Yogi Nitin offers group yoga classes and also private Yoga Therapy sessions for individuals with specific health needs. He is knowledgeable in healing yoga therapies, such as Yoga for Asthma, Yoga for Arthritis, and other conditions as well.

Recently, Yogi Nitin conducted outdoor weekend Sunrise Yoga classes at One Ocean, on Atlantic Beach in Florida (US), inspiring people to connect body mind and soul with the five great elements. Yogi Nitin has worked as an Ayurvedic Consultant and Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher at Snowflake Spa (Stowe, VT). And, subsequent to his most recent trip to India, Yogi Nitin returned to the US to continue his healing work as a massage therapist in Vermont at Timberlane Medical Center: AC Pilates and Wellbeing and Essex Culinary Resort and Spa. He has also established his own practice – Rishi Yoga Healing Centre – in Burlington, VT. He offers yoga on donation for the Vermont Hindu Temple, the first Hindu temple in the state that also serves Nepali and Bhutanese refugees from the Himalayas. He works as a massage therapist and yoga teacher with other healing centers in Vermont also.

The art of healthy living through yoga has been enjoyed for millennia. Yoga and ancient methods of healing help to relieve physical and mental stress from one’s inner core. Yogi Nitin has been teaching his students and seekers the ancient and authentic form of Yoga, that descended from a lineage of yogis and sages, and that he learned from his revered guru, Baba-ji.

Yogi Nitin helps his students to become free of physical and mental distractions in order to focus on the Self with great confidence, so that, in turn, his students internalize the tradition of Yoga within themselves and share that lineage of love and peace to others.