Choose between Mogul Base and Medium Base Sockets to suit your project need. As shown in FIG. Either use it for just the holiday season or a permanent setup with its 550 Lumens output. Lamp Sockets and Light Sockets - Lighting 2 Light Bulbs stocks a large selection of Lamp parts. The bulb is inserted and removed with straight in or out force, without turning as with a bayonet mount or Edison screw. LED PAR38 Light Bulbs. Among our selection, we have popular fluorescent light sockets including T5 sockets, T8 sockets, and T12 sockets. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. In its broad aspects, the present invention is directed to an electrical socket for landscape lighting that comprises a body having two side walls and two end walls extending between the side walls. FIGS. No matter the project, the best lighting grabs attention, catches the eye and lifts your mood. A method of using the socket of the present invention in a landscape lighting fixture includes the step of inserting a portion of the lamp into the hollow interior of the electrical socket. An important feature of the invention is that the socket 52 has a body 54 integrally formed as one piece. Rayhoo G4 LED Bulb Socket Halogen MR11 Base Ceremic Lamp Holder Socket, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3, GU5.3, MR16, GZ4, MR11, Miniature Bi-Pin Base Socket, Halogen Led Socket Ceramic Body Lamp holder, 10-PACK As shown in FIG. In some applications the grooves 75 may be made narrower to exclude the use of single filament bulbs. They are virtually identical except for the pins the in the base (the part that plugs into the socket). However, because the ears 66 are outwardly movable, if the removal force is greater than an inwardly directed return force attributable to the elasticity of the ears 66, the protrusions 28 move the ears 66 outwardly. LED MR16 GU10 Base 120V Light Bulbs. 3 is a vertical sectional view of a socket constructed according to the present invention; FIG. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Each of the openings preferably has a generally rectangular shape. 4). The side walls and end walls cooperate to form a hollow interior for receiving a lamp. The openings 68 are preferably configured to be of a size sufficient to receive the protrusions 28 from both the single filament lamp 10 and the smaller protrusions from double filament lamps (not shown). The base may include grooves 30 extending along the sides 18. Some bulbs such as MR-16 are available in both 12-volt and 120-volt. 2 and 3, which facilitates removing the protrusions 28 from the openings 68. In landscape lighting, it is desirable to design the bulb and socket assemblies to be small and reliable. Choose between Mogul Base and Medium Base Sockets to suit your project need. Other embodiments of the invention are contemplated to provide particular features and structural variants of the basic elements. An electrical socket for a landscape lighting fixture includes a body having two side walls and two end walls extending between the side walls. Although the particular structure 78 and the electrical contacts 80 shown are preferable, it will be appreciated by those skilled in the art that the socket of the present invention may include other electrical contacts and structures for mounting them. 2 is a perspective view in partial section of a landscape bulb and socket assembly constructed according to the present invention; FIG. Wedge Base, 2,000 Hour Q300T3/CL/118mm/130V R7S BASE - 300 Watt Quartz Halogen T3 Double Ended 118mm lamp 130 Volt 2000 Hour Thus, the abutment surfaces 72 prevent the lamp from being inadvertently removed from the socket 52. Each of the openings 68 is preferably generally rectangular and is adapted to receive one of the protrusions 28 of the lamp 10. Pick from Deck and Rail Outdoor Lights, Accent and Directional Outdoor Lights, Path Lights, Bollard Lights and Step or Wall Outdoor Lights. The present socket design permits the lamp to be conveniently removed from the socket by deflecting the ears outwardly when they are contacted by the protrusions. The socket 12 includes two pieces 32, 34 that are aligned with each other, two side walls 36 and two end walls 38. 1B is undesirable since the side fingers 46 make it difficult to form the socket small enough for landscape lighting. In addition, the socket of the invention is preferably integrally formed as one piece and thus, does not suffer from the misalignment problems of two-piece sockets. Bulb Connections: Remove the bulb and use an emery board or sandpaper to clean any corrosion off the bulb fixture contacts, then spray with contact cleaner before reinstalling the bulb. The protrusions 28 are positioned to be able to contact one of the abutment surfaces 72, which resists withdrawal of the lamp 10 from the socket 52. 5. The lamp 10 may now be easily removed from the socket 52. The side walls 36 have fingers 40 for engaging one of the grooves 30 of the lamp base. Privacy Policy One of these edges forms the abutment surface that is adapted to be engaged by one of the protrusions on the lamp to resist removal of the lamp from the socket. At Kichler, we offer a variety of lighting solutions to match your unique style and personality. Light Bulbs for Landscape Lighting. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Price per socket. An upper internal edge 70 forms an abutment surface 72 (FIG. The socket of the present invention advantageously has a one-piece construction, which overcomes the misalignment problems of the prior art. 2, each of the ears 66 may include a groove 75 that extends from the first end portion 56 to the opening 68 for receiving one of the protrusions 28. Bulbs of this type are commonly used in automotive lighting and in low-voltage lighting used in landscape lighting. As the lamp is inserted into the socket, the side surfaces 18 of its base 16 move the side walls 36 of the socket 12 outwardly until the fingers 40 snap into the grooves 30. Terms and conditions also apply. Each opening 68 is defined by internal edges 70 of the body. They hold incandescent or LED T-10 wedge bulbs with up to 0.35" wide base and the rubber housing stretches out to 0.38" to helps seal out moisture. Done well, landscape lighting not only highlights your perfectly trimmed shrubbery, it also calls attention to the building's architectural features, and illuminates pathways for employees leaving after dark. Wedge Light Bulb Socket with Leads 5-Pack Replace worn-out sockets or use these T-10 wedge holders to light-up your new project's display. Retrofitting Parking Lot Lighting & Security Lighting Systems Using LED. A socket 42 that receives the lamp 10 includes side walls 44 with fingers 46 which snap into the groove 30 of the lamp base. The photo in this article shows the difference between 12 and 120-volt bases. Lighting Supply has more than 100 light bulb sockets and related accessories, including indoor and outdoor sockets, lamp base extenders, reducers, and enlargers. Par – resembling a cone, these bulbs are used for directional illumination such as for track, flood or landscape lighting. engaging a protrusion formed on at least one end portion of the lamp base with one of said end walls of said socket. 1B shows another form of socket and bulb assembly, which is from a motor vehicle. Most landscape lighting is low-voltage, which is safer to work with and install than 120 Volt systems. The protrusions 28 move further into the socket 52 along the ears 66 until they enter the openings 68. However, when a force is exerted to remove the lamp 10 from the socket 52, the protrusions 28 engage the abutment surfaces 72, which inhibits the protrusions 28 from being removed from the openings 68. LED Spot offers a great number of sockets to power MR16 lamps, MR11 lamps, and more! 5B, widens the slits 74 beyond their normal widths. Light Bulb Socket Adaptors; Electrical Outlet Adaptors; Socket Reducers, Enlargers & Extenders. We also carry light bulb clips, end caps, and more. Withdrawal of the lamp from the socket is prevented by positioning the protrusions to contact an abutment surface of one of the end walls. Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, Landscape Lighting, Ceiling Fans or Customizable RLM. 3 Item(s) Show 8 12 16 32 48 64 per page Our 4th Generation Brilliance LED MR-11 LED 2W lamp has been redesigned to better fit into standard, low voltage, MR-11 fixtures. A plug portion 22 extends from the base 16 and has electrical contacts 24 that extend into the interior of the bulb to a filament 26. slits formed through at least one of the walls of said socket flanking a region of said end wall that includes said opening for enabling said region to be outwardly flexed relative to an adjacent portion of the body of said socket upon engagement of said region with said protrusion. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. The base 16 has two sides 18 and two ends 20. There are so […] However, the groove 30 of the lamp base 16 is not necessary or utilized in the present invention. T3-1/4 Replacement sockets accept all miniature wedge base 194, 168, and 921 bulbs. 2 and 3, the interior of the socket 52 at the second end portion 58 includes structure 78 for mounting electrical contacts 80. 5A, when the protrusions 28 are located in the openings 68, the slits 74 have their normal widths since the ears 66 are not deflected by the protrusions 28. T5 Landscape Lighting Replacement Sockets. LED PAR30 Light Bulbs. Electrical wires 82 are connected to the contacts 80 in a manner known to those skilled in the art. As shown in FIG. Privacy Policy ... Socket Adapters; Electrical Testers, Tools, and More. Where Lighting Ideas Turn Into Real Lighting Solutions! These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If you aren't getting any power to the socket, you will need to dig up the light base assembly. Connectors and Sockets. 3) resist movement of the protrusions 28 when a force is exerted to remove the lamp 10 from the socket 52. Each of the end walls is outwardly movable and includes an abutment surface that is adapted to be engaged by a protrusion on the lamp to resist removal of the lamp from the socket. At you can purchase over 40 different Landscape Lights from brands like NaturaLED, Bulbrite and Satco Products, Inc.. The assembly 50 includes the lamp 10 as well as a socket 52 of the present invention. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Follow us & get in touch. The protrusions on the end portions of the lamp engage the end walls of the socket, which deflects the end walls outwardly. 1A and 1B are perspective views of prior art bulb and socket assemblies; FIG. Easy installation in your dashboard instrument panel. The lamp 10 includes a rectangular base 16 that carries a bulb 17. The lamp is unfastened from the socket by engaging each of the protrusions with one of the abutment surfaces and exerting a pulling force on the lamp to deflect the ears outwardly by contacting each of the protrusions with the end walls. The present invention relates to electrical bulb and socket assemblies, and in particular, to sockets for landscape lighting fixtures. Landscape Lighting Design Tips (article); Checking Landscape Lighting Layout (video); How to Install Landscape Lighting (video) CS933A Bulb Change Make sure the power is off on the transformer ... socket. The socket construction of FIG. deflecting a region of said one end wall outwardly relative to an adjacent portion of the socket by contact with said protrusion, said region being disposed on at least one of said end walls and each said region being flanked by slits formed through at least one of said walls of said socket, positioning each said protrusion in an opening located in said region and formed completely through at least one of said end walls, and. 4. 10161 49th Street N, Suite W Pinellas Park, FL 33782 727 565 0900 As a result of this two-piece construction, the socket body halves may be misaligned during fabrication of the socket, which may result in poor electrical contact during use. As best shown in FIGS. Since the socket of the present invention does not include the prior art fingers, it can be designed to have a small size. Browse our site for all your Lamp socket or Light Socket replacements. Although the invention has been described in its preferred form with a certain degree of particularity, it will be understood that the present disclosure of the preferred embodiments has been made only by way of example and that various changes may be resorted to without departing from the true spirit and scope of the invention as hereafter claimed.