It’s considered one of the best graphic design software tools on the market, particularly preferred by UX and UI experts. “Free and user-friendly email editor with the option to send as part of their Email and Automation Platform”. Mail Designer 365 is the newsletter design software made for anyone and everyone using a Mac. Send one-time email broadcasts with updates and special offers. Chamaileon Collaborative email builder and content management for Businesses, Agencies, Enterprises 3. I highly recommend BEE to any marketer looking to find a quick, cost-effective, and easy solution to building beautiful HTML based emails. In many cases building blocks are enough, but for sophisticated designs… you will need more flexibility. Learn how to better use images, fonts, calls to action and more. Here is a list of online email frameworks that make coding responsive emails easy. For example, you can only choose from a restricted number of fonts and a few predetermined color palettes. I love the fact that I can copy the html or email a preview to my personal email account. Sketch creates wireframes and clickable product prototypes. The continual update of the available templates has been a tremendous asset to the improvement of all of our business wide and interdeparmental communication. But there are additional functions to improve the whole email template creation. And they look pretty slick, so worth checking out. The success of online drag-and-drop editor compared the “old ways” of something like ThemeForest – is the combination of tons of beautiful templates AND the easy, drag-n-drop editor to customize them right away. “Collaborative email builder and content management platform for Businesses, Agencies, Enterprises”. In order to make that process easier, some email builder platforms allow multiple users to collaborate in designing an email marketing campaign. In picking the best Email Editor for Designing Responsive Emails, price shouldn’t be your main concern. The free email designing software is what you call a “demo license”. That way you can fine-tune the mobile responsive version of your email. TRY FREE FOR 30 DAYS. There’s always room for improvement and of course your email design and code quality are essential parts of your recipe for success. Introduction. You can also export the template design to HTML and use it to send your email campaign from any other email marketing tool of your choice. Designmodo’s Postcards works with predesigned blocks and elements that have some customization options. Coffeecup is an email designer software that can be downloaded on both Mac and Windows. Even in Outlook and Gmail.”. Stripo’s email templates can be exported to over 30 ESPs. BEE has allowed me to send better professional emails to various departments within the company that I work for. If you want to go deeper, a Litmus or Email on Acid driven email preview function will save you significant time. Of course, you should get a user-friendly, cloud-based file manager too, to save your templates, images, etc. Moosend automatically makes email designs responsive and compatible with mobile devices. Even though you can select a pre-designed template and edit it to fit your needs, the actual process isn’t very smooth and takes a few minutes to really get a grip on how to navigate in the email builder. Besides their ready-to-use email templates, Stripo also provides custom email templates. With their collaboration feature, each member of the marketing team can access the template that is being designed and edit according to their customized account. To recap, Stripo is one of the best email template builders on the market. So make sure to give it a try. The email editor originated from MailUp, a popular Italian ESP. Most importantly their code passes all the tests. Drag-and-drop became a synonym of an easy to use interface. Beefree has been a critical must-have app for our email marketing strategies and plans. Simplify your pre-send process. The editor boasts 300+ free email templates that are categorized by industry, type of email and season. Each of them has different strengths. Mosaico Limited open source email template builder 10. MailerLite is an email marketing tool that can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. You can find hundreds of pre-designed responsive email templates and ready to use. It lets you handle mail efficiently and with style, and like any good email program, it also filters away junk mail. Graphic Design Software for Mac 12. You should pick your email editing tool carefully. Get more eyes on your emails by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is a product of the Italian VOXmail group, founded a few years ago. If you want to move for some reason, you will often have to rebuild your email templates. Stripo is a free email template builder with drag-n-drop and HTML editor modes. It will significantly reduce the time spent with email testing and fixing. Fast and efficient tool for easy email creating and a must-have for our marketing campaigns. Developers know what a hard and tedious task is responsive email coding. Their selection of responsive email templates can be sorted by type, e-commerce, industry, or season, which makes choosing a template easier. Mosaico is an open-source email template builder. High-quality responsive email output and a convenient user interface are the most crucial requirements for drag-and-drop email editors nowadays. Here are our top picks of the best email template builders in 2021: “Responsive email editor to create beautiful emails, fast.” BEE stands for “The Best Email Template Builder & Editor”. You can export in a ZIP file that contains the HTML + images and use it in your own email marketing software. GetResponse offers an online platform for email marketing software, landing page creator, webinars hosting and much more. You can try it live online and see if it fits your needs. It supports all Apple and Android devices and works on all versions of Outlook. “Email newsletter builder software for Windows”. When coming up with excellent email template design, it’s important to make sure your designs are trendy and tap into the public consciousness. Topol’s main features include: Importing your custom HTML to the email editor Saving custom blocks and elements for future use. Here are the main functions that your email editor should have : We have done our research and prepared an honest review of different HTML email template builders and software programs that can help you build responsive emails, with or without coding knowledge. Each of them has different strengths. Mosaico is a basic free responsive email editor tool that works well for people who need a quick fix. Stamplia’s creator was for those who don’t want to bother too much with the design part and found an email template on their site, which exactly fits their needs. Even on Outlook.”. “Quickly create responsive HTML emails that work. BEE Free is completely free to use. It doesn’t leave much room for creativity and customization. You can only use one free block for each email element (header, content, call to action, footer, etc) though. Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides businesses with professional-level email marketing software. Mail Styler’s exported HTML works well with different email clients such as Outlook and Gmail. BEE Free Responsive email editor to create beautiful emails, fast 2. Mailchimp is the most famous email marketing automation platform in the world. create a login here and you can build, save (and send) your newsletters. The software is moderately easy to use. The ability to create many different responsive emails in minutes. With so many clients now in the cloud, rather than on the desktop or mobile device, email clients have certainly taken a turn over the past few years. They are still drag-and-drop email editors, but not every content element can be “dragged and dropped”. There are over 350+ free HTML email templates. Before you pay the $129 annual fee, you can test out the email builder software, thanks to their free trial version during which you are allowed 3 design exports and test emails. Fonts. Postcards Limited online email template builder, with free demo licence 6. “Online email template builder, with free demo license”. Founded in 2001 by Ben Chestnut, Mark Armstrong, and Dan Kurzius. to fix after your first email template design attempt. Stripo provides its users with a library of content modules for storing the most frequently used email elements and components. You can create your own look and feel using the built-in content and structural email blocks and elements. It’s the perfect email designer software to create HTML emails for … WYSIWYG editors are MS Word-like text editors, which were created for general web content management. BROWSE CATALOG. Stripo’s drag-and-drop editor is free with no time limits and users have the ability to view the HTML code for the template and save template elements for future use. HubSpot’s Email Marketing software allows you to create, design, personalize, and optimize all of your emails. See tips for reusing your content. Meet different goals with the right type of email. If, for example, you need a second template for your email, you have a few options: you can award multiple winners, run a second contest or you can start a 1-to-1 Project with your winning designer to create the additional assets. Stripo Drag & Drop email template builder with HTML editor 4. For the second year in a row, those two email design trends stood out above all others, according to a Litmus poll of more than 240 marketers. Color. Its blog is not updated on a regular basis. But there are more interesting options in this list if you are seriously doing email marketing. The template library also includes six interactive email template designs. The software is relatively easy to use, though quite rigid. But it has no customization options. Although there are some email builders nowadays that enable users to edit the HTML code and will still produce responsive HTML – unless you broke it while editing the code. With a free account, you have an unlimited number of exports. There is a choice of multiple drag and drop email editors online. Normal WYSIWYG editors are not optimized for email, but you can create email templates with them if you know how to code HTML or if you are a very advanced user and can embed tables easily with these tools (this is a really challenging task to do though). So when you come back you can directly resume editing again or start a new one. The next tier of email design trends included using more AI-driven content and live content, and simplifying email designs. A drag and drop email editor is definitely your best option. You can even optimize your inbox preview and and form plain text emails that are compatible with the Apple Watch. “Email marketing template and campaign designer for Mac.”. Plus, its wizards for tables, frames, fonts, and more prove that it's a great tool for anyone who wants to design their own website. Here is a list of HTML email template builders and editors that we reviewed: 1. The best way is to make a list of the functions that are vital for you and try the different email editors out there. Enable registration in settings - general, 11 Best Free HTML Email Template Builders & Editors (Reviewed & Compared). “Downloadable Responsive Email Designer for Desktop and Mac”. Most email editors are either free or very cheap compared to the value they provide. Once you create your email template, you should be able to integrate it into your ESP. It’s a standard drag & drop email builder, where you can customize and save your elements and blocks for future use. Structure elements can be nested into each other, so you can add any number of columns in the editor, and you can individually adjust the size of every column by pixels. But if you reference this list during the design process, you should find you have little (or nothing!) Export is a breeze. Email marketing software isn’t just for businesses. Calls to Action. “Create responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills.”. Check out, for instance the Christmas and New Years templates. Each template starts with an already provided grid which can be enhanced by using different elements. I would be very sad if I should ever lose access to the Bee. Email templates that are compatible with all email clients: You also need to figure out a way to make your HTML email code compatible with every email client, even Outlook. The Drag and Drop feature of SharpSpring allow you to create nice emails with its existing free templates. This design by Squarespace has opted for a bare-bones email design with minimal type, imagery, and color palette.